Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Am I the only one who has a hard time blogging regularly?

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What's the use?

It seems like no matter how hard I try, I can't get it together to blog regularly on this blog.

It isn't because I am no longer interested in homeschooling. I even added a curated blog to the mix a few months ago called "Homeschooling," in which I scour the web for articles of interest to those who are currently homeschooling or investigating homeschooling. You can see a little scrolling box in the right sidebar that shows recent article selections. The fact that I am no longer personally homeschooling is irrelevant.

It isn't because I am no longer interested in home business.  I do social media consulting and have a direct sales business on the side,  AND I have added a networking group to the mix in the last year to help local business owners form collaborative relationships. Cup of Coffee Networkers is a mix of brick-and-mortar small business owners, service providers, and home business owners involved in a variety of direct sales companies. We meet twice a week and even have an online meeting on Wednesday afternoons.

It isn't because I am no longer interested in writing. I love to write. I always manage to put in my two cents (or 25 cents) on each post I add to Homeschooling or the Cup of Coffee Networkers blog I started to showcase my local members here in NJ. OK, maybe the fact that I am managing some blogs for clients and writing for them eats into my desire to write.

It just seems like so many other things crowd in to fill up my day.  So, how do you make time to write? I would be glad to have any advice you could give me, and would be thrilled for you to leave your nugget of wisdom in the comments.

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