Friday, June 10, 2016

What College Graduates (and anyone else) STILL Don't Know About America

In 2009, I wrote a post entitled "The Civic Impact of College," in which I opined that studies showed that there was practically an inverse relationship between the level of education one has attained and the likelihood of civic involvement after graduation.  At the time, I was making the point that studies showed that homeschoolers were more likely to participate in the political process later in life.

A few years after that, I updated it with new information and it became "What College Graduates Don't Know About America." While it was one of the most depressing things I ever wrote, it was my most popular post ever. This emphasized American students' ignorance of American history and our form of government

Some updated information has come to my attention that does not make me feel any better about the state of modern higher education, or any education.

It does not appear that students are learning very basic things about our country at any stage of their education.

Let's take the First Amendment.