Friday, October 31, 2008

ResumeBear's online tools and tracking give job seekers a competitive edge - for FREE

Millions of people who have been downsized, laid off, or just plain fired in this time of economic chaos can use Resume Bear to help them get another job.

Frankly, if you need a job, you need ResumeBear. And even if you don't need it, you probably know someone who does. It could mean the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview.

No kidding. Here's why.

This is not another collection of tired resume samples, ugly cover letter templates and a few articles slapped together talking about how to get a job interview.

This is cutting edge, jack. There is nothing like it on the market.


The attractive, professional letter and resume templates are designed to bypass spam filters, and enable the recipient to read the resume online in multiple formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML) and then forward it to someone else or download it for printing.

Advanced users can upload a preexisting resume, or create one manually online with custom sections and spacing that gives the user more flexibility in determining the order information is presented. Newbies can use the Easy Resume Creation Wizard, which automatically formats the resume using the information provided by the user.

Your cover letter and resume are guaranteed to be delivered directly to the recipient's inbox and will arrive in the original format created. There is no need to worry about your recipient not being willing to open an attachment. All resumes are hosted on ResumeBear's dedicated servers and viewed through a safe web browser. And ResumeBear is compatible with all the major job boards.

So what is different about that? Plenty. Here is where it gets interesting.

Embedded within every resume and cover letter is tracking information that monitors the progress of your resume from creation to delivery. In REAL TIME!

And ResumeBear offers you the option of receiving notifications by email or text message on your cell phone when your resume is read, opened, printed or forwarded. In REAL TIME!

Do you see how that could revolutionize your job search? Let me give you some examples.
  • You send out 50 resumes. You receive notification by text message that all 50 0f them were received and the cover letter opened. But only 5 people click through to actually read your resume. That could mean that your cover letter is poorly written. This invaluable feedback enables you to go back and rewrite your letter before you send out any more resumes. You can extend this capability to create different versions of your letter and resume and see which ones are more successful.
  • You have applied for a marketing position. You get several text messages that Mr. Jones of ABC company, Mr. Smith of DEF Company, and Mr. White of GHI Company have just read your cover letter. All three click through to your resume. On your ResumeBear back office dashboard, you see that Mr. Smith read your resume for 10 seconds, Mr. Jones read your resume for 30 seconds, and Mr. White for 2 minutes. About five minutes later you get a text message that Mr. White has downloaded and printed your resume. Five more minutes pass after that, and you learn that Mr. White has forwarded your perfectly formatted resume to Ms. Black in the marketing department.

Do you see how that information can help you decide what to do next? It gives you a tremendous advantage over the job seeker who has no way to find out if his resume has been received, never mind gauge the level of interest the recipient has demonstrated by taking certain actions like printing out the resume.

No more wasting time calling Mr. Smith, who glanced at your resume for 10 seconds and hit delete, when you now know that Mr. White is interested enough in what you have to offer his company as an employee that he has not only printed it out, but shared your resume with Ms. Black in marketing.

Once you have identified your most successful version, you can further fine tune your campaign to be more effective. Utilized properly, ResumeBear becomes more powerful and effective with every resume submitted. That will improve the chances of your resume being noticed and help you obtain that critical initial interview.

What does a resume creation and tracking system have to to with working from home?

Well, it used to mean I have to add the disclaimer that I am selling the product. But as of December 20, Resumebear is now available for FREE. There are many more features and resources I could talk about, but in the interest of ending this post some time in this century, I will let you learn about the product yourself by going to Please use the code "susan" when you register, so they will know I sent you!

Be sure to go to the Member Benefits presentation and pay special attention to the FAQs. Every question you could possibly have about the product is answered there. If for some reason your question is not in the FAQs, there is a live online help desk.

What are you waiting for? Free resume help is here! And it works.

This post was UPDATED on December 23, 2008.


  1. You might note that there should be some warning about being logged off. I spent the last hour and a half entering information and it was all lost when the system logged off without saving.

    Not a good feeling this morning

  2. Kim,

    Ugh. I am SO sorry. Did you use the resume creation wizard? According to the FAQs the resume creation wizard will save the information you have provided and will have an “incomplete” status in your list of resumes available in your dashboard.

    Look carefully at your dashboard - I am not trying to insult your intelligence :-) but I have found that sometimes I couldn't find the resume I was looking for when I had several to choose from. So I was thinking that maybe it is there saved in "incomplete" status and you just didn't recognize where it is...I hope?

    I am letting them know right now that this is an issue. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I will let you know what I discover.