Friday, October 03, 2008

"Sarah Palin has an eye-lash problem."

If you are looking for political commentary, forget it. I'm not as brave as Mrs. Fussypants.

I didn't even watch the debate. Why?

I was torn between not wanting to see Sarah maybe embarrass herself and not wanting to be put to sleep by Biden.

Not to mention that there will be plenty of instant replays and YouTube to fill me in.

But I am publishing this article, which is quite a departure for this blog, because I spent three days last weekend learning personally from Joe Schroeder, the man who wrote it, at a marketing conference in Newark, NJ.

It's a sales letter, really. Written by a guy who makes $250,000.

In a month.

I figured I could learn from someone like that. This is, after all, about how to mix home schooling and home business.

In the Drudge Report poll, people are saying Sarah kicked butt.

Here's why.

"Sarah Palin has an eye-lash problem."

As of 2:07 am this morning, people were already bickering back and forth about whether or not Sarah Palin had an eyelash problem.

They were also wasting their minutes asking, "does she Have tattooed lip liner?"

I swear on all that is holy they actually are debating this on blogs from were I live, which is due west 56 miles of NYC to Timbucktoo.


And so it goes. Last night, on Oct. 2, 2008, this country got a crash course in likeability.

Some say Joe Biden won.

Others say Palin won by a Wasilla mile.

As a social scientist, I wasn't studying the debate from a political "he said-she said" vote now angle.

Not on a long shot.

All I was doling was trying to doggone DECODE the "it" factor" of Sarah Palin.

And it's about WHY people like her.

Great. Maybe you can't stand her.

Great. Maybe you are a card carrying Obama fan.


There's still major lessons to be learned on how this Hockey nut from Alaska got to be a VP elect for Petes sake.

And studying LIKEABILITY can help you.

Especially, if you yourself are trying to DRAW a crowd and have people vote for you as you daily-cash Flow yourself and campaign for yourself as a living.

I do.

We all do here on the internet.

In Washgington, it's called POLITICS

On the internet, it's called Social Networking

IT's still about LIKABILITY.

Yown own.

Yes, likeability, as in, if you "network" on the internet as I'd bet you dollars to donuts that you do, your own "Q" rating either makes you money or in fact, pushes those pay-pal paydays further and further away from you.

Are you likeable? I mean really likeable?

How is your own "Q" rating?

Q-Rating = Hollywood jargon used to measure people's likeability

Before I show you an oft hidden secret

Remember, I teach the psychology of selling

Remember, if you can draw a crowd and get them to feel you, as say, a Bill Clinton or Dani Johnson can

Likabilitycounts. Especially at Paypal

You all know me. I am a mail-order nut.

I am a salesman in print just as you are.

Now, before I teach you an "X" factor that can soak more whales for you on-line and add more
sales into your bucket of gravy trains, lets review:

As of 3 am this morning, here were the reviews of the Biden and Palin show down

AOLU took a poll and it resolved like this

**Iit could change, this was per 3 am on 10-3-08


Biden scored 3.39
Palin scored 3.64

Now, on an overall who creamed who analysis

On the MATT GRUDGE site

Over-all sweepstakes were

Who won? Well, per the votes at GRUDGE REPORT

Biden 30% = 76,882 votes
Palin 68% = 173,623 votes

2% were undecided

Now, remember those stats.

Also remember that this is NOT a political lesson.

Politics isn't my first user advantage, nor anything I count sheep over. However, when I can watch something as historical as that debate last night and locate the "X" factor


Then THIS is something worthy of singing over moons about.

Mail-order, ad copy and sales psychology are my bag.

Yours probably too.

That said, here is some "math" that you won't hear many analysts tinker about or needle each other with.

Here is some "X" factor and hidden magnetism finds.

SARAH PALIN uses, what in direct response is called


And that is her SUBLIMINAL magnetism.

(I'll explain)

You're probably a word-smith like me.

Sometime today look up the word (colloquial)

Which means LOCAL language = tribal slang.

If you look at one of my "home run" full page ads

See attached PDF

You will see me use the subliminal effect of coloquilisms

Do you remember PALIN entering the stage and "charging" up to Congressman Biden and asking, "Great to meet you, can I call you Joe?"

BECAUSE that is what's called, "enter closing."

She entered the stage using common everyday "local" language and she said, "Can I call you Joe."

How familiar is that?

I loved it.

It was like, "lets pretend that we already know each other."

How provincial was that?

I loved it.

"Greta to meet you, can I call you Joe!"

Wait though.



An hour later, she flung that back at Biden and said

** After he made some remark she questioned

"Say it ain't so Joe!"

She also used a colloquial when she said, "bet'cha" rather than bet you.

I used a "colloquial" seconds ago when I said

"Creamed" instead of won.

USING localized language, while sparing the King perfect grammar endears you to people.

It DRAWS larger crowds if you use LOCAL verbiage over sanitized.

Consider it as the HIGH ART of social science and the Psychology that exists between the leader and his/her tribe.

It's simply using words as whipped cream (smooth) rather than peanut butter.

How often have I suggested to you crazy cats that the MORE PROFESSIONAL YOU are on-line the less you earn.

Case in point: PALIN breaks the perfect English rule.

Did you remember her saying "heck-uv-a-lot?"

Again, she is pulling more likeability to her


By speaking LOCALLY vs. like someone doing a thesis at Harvard.

Here's another one

Do you remember the hockey-mom say, "Gonna" versus going to?

Study her VIDEO from last night.

Learn something.

Because she markets herself (naturally) as well as any Madonna.

So the game is:

Learn to speak on a LOCAL level.

Throw out perfect English and watch your own "Q" rating and likeability double almost overnight.

Who cares if Mother Palin gaffed when she referred to the U.S. commander in Afghanistan as "Gen. McClellan".

She goofed. Err----His name is Gen. David McKiernan.

Who cares if she flubbed his name!


The POLLS said people LIKED her over Joe Biden.

Who will win the PRESIDENTAL race?

Who knows? Who cares?

This isn't a political overview.

Who is more credible as a VP?

Who cares. This isn't an opt-ed about that.

All I know is this.

IF YOU have a sensory advantage and can gain the empathy of others, you have the upper hand.

And a better arrangement of WORDS gives you that advantage.

All I know is that what separates me and you from income, especially in our line of work, are WORDS and in fact, without properly USAGE of words you can not properly "effect" people.

Therefore and to sum this up

If you believe that people "buy" with more emotions than they do using better facts and figures, which they do

Then this sort of SUBLIMINAL colloquial advantage is a supreme lesson.

My idea of using localized language (colloquialisms) isn't about using OMIGAWD vs. oh my God.

I am not suggesting we say, "oh, he or she dissed me."

I am not suggesting that you pitch a tent in the "hood" and Study the verbal blood-letting of a Fitty cent or P. Diddy.

Hark into me.




Not even close.

However, to localize your language is to endear yourself to your list and to ADD to your own likeability factor.

Here are some that I use

USE and ADD these to your letters

"I'd bet you dollars to donuts"

"No shot in hell"


"Call me nutso but"

"Maybe I won't win any popularity votes for this but"

"I won't promise you a gravy train to happy highway but I can, ect,ect"

"The mouse is loose and if I don't get this off my chest I'm gonna bust"

To order my direct response (Volume I) course. "Cash Flow Machine.,"

It's $97 + $20 shipping


Manual and double CD kit

You can pay-pal Susan Critelli here


See and learn how to use words and SUBLIMNAL marketing Mastery to create bigger lists, have bigger pay-days and learn the Sales psychology that makes the gap wider between the ones getting Paid versus the little guys who never make a penny.

My course, CASH FLOW MACHINE is worth $10,000 to you.

To others, it's EXAMPLES and templates are priceless

Your value is just $117

Feel free to ADD your own LINK to this letter and pass around.

(Psst. here it is - it is the base site to this whole blog)

Everyone wants and needs relevant "copy" and articles to add to their BLOGS and social media platforms

Feel free to share-ware this report.


Mr. Words-Smith

Joe Schroeder

PS: My late great father, people called him "Jack" (short for John)

Dad used to say and tell me

"Son, people like people who like people."

Once I asked dad, "what in blazes does that mean."

And Pop used to tell me

"People like people who like other people."

As a grown up who uses sales psychology and who earns a living assembling first words, and whose words then assemble people, I learned that to use LANGUAGE that is "localized" endears more people to you.

You become more attractive the more "local" you sound and appear.

** That's also the hidden "X" factor of

David Letterman, Tom Hanks and anyone else who Hypnotizes you with their personality. (Go ask Arnold)

That's the lesson here I hope it was apparent.


  1. Drudge Report(Not GRUDGE report, a mistake which makes me question how knowledgeable the writer is about politics and news in general) Is a conservative website that is frequented by people who are very far right. People on that site would have said that she won no matter what. Independent polls had Biden winning almost across the board, often leading by 15 or more percentage points. Sarah Palin did better than people expected, but most agree Biden won. Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Hey, Andre, thanks for your comment. Pretty funny. In the original article, "Grudge" is what he said. But in the intro, I was half asleep when I wrote my part and in a hurry to get the post published. I am familiar with Matt Drudge, and fully aware that it is the "Drudge Report". Thanks for the tip, I will amend it.

    But you really missed his point, and mine. This was a sales letter, not political commentary, and you read the whole thing - or at least until you were put off by my "Grudge" typo. This article was about whether people LIKED Sarah Palin better than they liked Biden and how that "X" factor matters in a marketing context. Let's face it, Biden may have a gazillion years in the Senate, but he doesn't have the "It" factor of an Oprah, Elvis, Madonna, or anyone else who is known by one name.

    Though I am a conservative, I have my own issues with McCain and Palin that are probably not related to your issues. But this blog is about homeschooling and home business, not politics, and so I will refrain from voicing them here.

    As for "most" agreeing that Biden won, if "most" includes the so-called mainstream media, it is worth noting that in this campaign the media has not even bothered to try to appear unbiased, revealing at every turn that they are wholeheartedly in support of Obama. I have read more than one liberal commentator who agrees that Palin is back to where she was after the Republican convention - whether you believe it is for style, or substance, or neither.

    Thanks so much for your comment - I appreciate people who take the time to read the opposing view and comment in a way that is respectful.