Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Digg This: The Hijacking of a Life Part 1

Maybe you have wondered where I have been, maybe you haven't.

After posting daily since July 2008, I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. I only posted a few times in February, and only one of those was not a repost of TGIF or some other article written by someone else.

I have been hanging out on Digg.

For the Christian homeschooler, the world of Digg is, well, another galaxy far, far away. You can count on seeing plenty of profanity, blasphemy, obscenity, tirades against "fundies", and the parroting of every pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, socialist platitude that young, liberated wannabes have been spouting for a hundred years. Oh, there are other conservatives, and other Christians, and I have found some of them. But for the most part, I have been wandering in the lion's den.

Populated largely by twenty-something techies, gamer guys, atheists, and liberals of every stripe, it doesn't sound like a place that would even be a little attractive to someone like me - a fifty-something, conservative Christian homeschooling mom.

And at first, it wasn't. But there was something strangely familiar about it...it has taken me this long to figure out what it was.

What it is.

It is a window back in time --back to the pre-video game, pre-pc, pre-internet, pre-cell phone, pre-ATM, pre-calculator time when I was a college student spouting the same tirades against "fundies", pro-marijuana, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, marxist egalitarian platitudes and reading Marx and Engels, Nietzsche, and liberation theology.

Back to recession. The Oil Crisis and gas rationing. Stagflation. The Dow under 600. (Not 6,000 - 600.) Unemployment.

To Iranian students marching fifteen abreast down Peachtree Street shouting "The Shah is a US Puppet, Down with the Shah!" To posters depicting Rev. Sun Myung Moon that declared "October 30 Could Be Your Re-Birthday!" To Skylab and Spiro Agnew. Siddhartha. USSR. Abortion still illegal.

To Kent State, the Symbianese Liberation Army, Wounded Knee, Nixon in China, the killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, M*A*S*H, the legalization of abortion, Watergate, and those newfangled devices - VCR's and calculators.

Let's fast forward that old VCR - where are we now?

US offering to cancel an important defense project in exchange for Russia's cooperation in blocking Iranian missile plans. Reverend Wright.

Hillary in China, an African American president, $40,000 per year college educations, Hamas in Gaza, legalization of medical marijuana, rising worldwide hatred of Israel, 50,000,000 abortions performed and counting, Octo-mom, Blackwater, Gitmo, waterboarding.

Bush and Cheney, legalization of medical marijuana, reality TV, and technology advancing at breakneck speed.

Recession, bailout, stimulus, unemployment. The Dow threatening to go below 6,000.

Profanity, blasphemy, obscenity, tirades against "fundies." And college students spouting pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, marxist egalitarian platitudes and reading Marx and Engels, Nietzsche, and liberation theology. Same song, second verse.

A really important question, then, is why is it so addictive?

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