Monday, March 29, 2010

Homeschooled Teen Earns Top Spot In National Essay Contest

Today's Reno Gazette-Journal had a story about Cameron Etchart, a home-schooled junior, who earned an Honorable Mention prize and $250 in the fourth annual Being An American Essay Contest.  Start planning now for your high school aged student to participate in the contest next year.  The Being An American website has many wonderful resources to enhance your teen's study of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

In the spirit of showcasing some of my older articles - the ones I spent some time reviewing as I considered whether or not to abandon this blog - I have written before about how homeschoolers as a group surpass the general public in the area of civic responsibility.

Carnival Atmosphere was a post highlighting a homeschool "blog carnival", which is a virtual event based around a theme in which a homeschool blogger hosts a "carnival" of links to current topics in a variety of homeschool blogs.  But because of the theme, which was Women's Independence Day, I also talked about voting and used the opportunity to explore how homeschoolers are turning out to be politically active, well informed, engaged citizens.

Something that we need now, more than ever.

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