Thursday, July 31, 2008

20 years later: Socialization is still a straw man

When I first began homeschooling my daughter, New Jersey was still an "approval" state and we were the second home school family in town.

We were bombarded with questions and regarded with suspicion. "Is that legal?" "Why would you want to have your kids around all day?" "What if you have to teach them trigonometry?"

And the ever popular "What about socialization?"

Incredibly, we were asked that question most recently about two weeks ago. Now that our daughter is 22, long graduated and gone. (We still have one high schooling at home.)

Well, I found a great bit of wisdom from an editorial comment by Karl Priest that appeared in the Sunday Gazette - Mail; Charleston, W.V. back in January of this year.

"Socialization in public schools is often detrimental to the values parents instill at home. Many young mothers discover their children learn to be disobedient while at school. Contrary to what is commonly thought, socialization should actually be a major reason to homeschool."

Right on, Karl.

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