Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts From A Conservative Mom: Sweden outlaws home schooling

Here is a sobering article following up on yesterday's post.

Thoughts From A Conservative Mom: Sweden outlaws home schooling

So much for those who are thinking that the UNCRC is not going to be a problem for the US.

Just because you are not homeschooling does not mean that teams of government bureaucrats will not be able to override your every decision if they deem it not in "the best interests of the child."

Do you REALLY want someone else telling you what is best for your children?

Parents, oppose ratification of this treaty with every breath, or risk losing the right to direct the upbringing of your children.

Including their education.

Including their spiritual development, or lack thereof.

A lot of parents don't care about that because they think that will only affect those crazy Christians who hate the "godless" schools and want to establish a Theocracy on earth. "Good riddance," they are thinking. "We could do with less religion in the world."

Atheist parent, do you want the government to tell you that you are required to take your child to church if he wants to go?

Muslim parent, do you want the government to tell you that you must allow your child to convert to Judaism if that is what she desires?

That's what I thought.

This affects everyone.


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  2. I currently live in Spain but I'm originally from the UK. It's illegal to homeschool your children here and many parents have to go into hiding for the sake of their children's education!

    It is recognized as neglect if they are not in a public/private school and the state has the right to remove your children with immediate effect if you fail to provide a substantial reason for failing to enroll them.

    Due to the recession there has been an increase in racist attacks here, particularly in Southern Spain where we live. The locals are under the impression that we are taking away all of their job opportunities and as a result children are being bullied in school, often being the victims of horrendous attacks.

    I have managed to stay out of the way of the authorities for 3 months now but I think the end result will be placing my children in school. I'm terrified that they will be victimized but under the circumstances I'm left with little other option that to comply.

    When did it become ok to dictate how we raise our own children? This is shocking!