Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why we need a Parental Rights Amendment


Your freedom to raise your children
with your own faith and worldview is under attack
from outside our country, and from within.

♦ A New Hampshire mom has been forbidden to
home school because her daughter holds “too
firmly” to her religious beliefs.

♦ Several Boston-area school districts have rules on
what food parents can or cannot include in their
child’s lunch.

♦ National governments around the world are being
pressured to outlaw modest spanking as discipline
in the home, regardless of what voters would

♦ The United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of
the Child contains threats to parental rights and national
sovereignty. One expert writes, “[The] best
interests [principle] provides decision and policy
makers with the authority to substitute their own
decisions for either the child’s or the parents’.”

This is not just in divorce courts. This is for any decision.

Call your legislators and tell them you support a parental rights amendment and oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is time to stop pretending this stuff is no big deal. Our freedom to decide how to raise our children is at stake. Ignorance is no excuse.


  1. I don't think this is necessary, as you will find some children have been taught the wrong things all their life and suffer because of it. For example I don't think any child should be home schooled by any member of the Westboro baptist church

  2. But who are you to decide when someone has been taught the wrong things? Would you want someone from the Westboro Baptist Church to be the one who decided that your children had learned all the wrong things? (I think I know the answer to that - Me either!)

    The point is that parents, not government, know their children, and the vast majority can be trusted to nurture their children and make decisions in their best interest. That is not government's role, and I am tired of them not doing the things they are supposed to do, all the while usurping other roles that they are not supposed to be playing.

    I am tired of the tyranny of the minority. One person complains and whole systems of doing things change because 1 person may be offended. And I am even more tired of government telling me that I have to act in a certain way so I will not offend others, but does not care at all whether I am offended by the things they are forcing upon me.

    One of the things that offends me greatly is this insistence that a government bureaucrat knows more than I do about what is appropriate for my children.

  3. it is not wrong to say a child exposed to other children from differing backgrounds is better off both socially and emotionally than one who is not. Children learn most from other children, not necessarily their teachers who you may label liberal etc.

  4. It's unfair that children should be at the mercy of the unaccountable private tyranny of the Family, expecially when their parents could be right wing religious fanatics who may use their social and religious views to justify hitting or otherwise mentally and physically abusing their children.

  5. Tim and Adam, thanks for your comments. you mistakenly assume that homeschooled students are not exposed to people with differing beliefs or social backgrounds. I think you are correct, Adam, that someone who has exposure to people of various groups is socially and emotionally richer than someone who is not. I'm not sure why you have a picture of homeschooling as only those who have a room in their home with a blackboard and flag and desks, where kids are chained doing boring workbooks and being thoroughly miserable. Tim, as for you, I am sorry you are so hostile to families. Most religious homeschoolers are neither right-wing nor fanatic - neither do they mentally or physically abuse their children. I think it is unfair that children are subjected to the unaccountable private tyranny of public schools, where parents are often not allowed any input about what kind of social engineering drivel their children are being taught before an age when they can process the information properly.