Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free CD - Five Elements of Network Marketing Success

Today I would like to offer you a free CD on how to finally be successful in network marketing. It is called "Unstoppable Income" and it is produced by a company that since 1994 has been enabling networkers and other small business owners to earn more money, effectively find new customers and business builders, AND do it all on a limited income.

This makes it perfect for work-at-homeschool moms and dads, no matter what program you are in.

Among other important things you will learn is how to stop chasing your friends and family. That one alone is worth the effort it takes to request the CD.

I think the main problem people have with network marketing is that they don't want to have to approach people they know. I know that there are people who got involved with clunkers I have worked in the past who would now cross the street to avoid hearing about whatever new deal I might be doing now.

Of course, nowadays that is their loss since I am finally making some meaningful money online. But maybe you are a beginner and are dreading the friends and family thing. This CD contains the secret to talking only with prospects that actually care about what you have to offer.

What a concept!

You can order the CD by clicking on the title link above, or here.


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  2. I am a new member to SFI, so far so you receive a considerable cash flow? I'm still trying to properly capitalize on SFI...any pointers?

  3. Hi Keith,

    I have received a check from SFI every single month since July, 2001. It isn't major bucks, but it is consistent. My smallest (and first!) check was $9.32, and my largest check was about $1,200.

    Let's move this conversation off the blog. I can be easily found! Look forward to chatting.