Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little Homeschool Humor

Seen at the home school conference at Sandy Cove this year. Our Speaker was Todd Wilson of Familyman Ministries and the author of "Help! I'm married to a Homeschooling Mom!" and several books of cartoons that had me wetting my pants.

This is a lot funnier when you are a homeschooler, and you have experienced the pressure not only from the skeptics outside the homeschool community but from the people inside our wonderful community I once heard Mike Farris describe as "homier-than-thou."

You know the ones. Their seven children all have matching perfectly sewn clothes, they make their own bread and they don't own a TV. They may even buy 50 lb. bags of wheat berries from a wholefoods coop and grind their own grain. If they have girls, they are wearing matching jumpers and their hair is perfectly combed.

Compared to these people, my life is more like Everybody Loves Raymond...

Hmm. I have to be careful which show I pick. If I say, "The Simpsons", everyone will think my kids are wild and undisciplined and my husband is a doofus. They might even think I actually WATCH "The Simpsons."

And I certainly can't let anyone know I let my son watch **BLIPPED OUT** (Sorry, I was going to write the name and then changed my mind - the stakes are too high). For that matter, maybe I shouldn't mention any show. Someone might be offended that I watch TV at all.

Then there are those on the Other Side. You know, the ones who think the public schools are too conservative. The Homeschoolers for Obama. (What planet are they on, again?) They will think it is ridiculous that I care whether someone is offended. Oh, wait. Maybe they were offended because they thought I said Obama is on another planet...or maybe...

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