Thursday, August 14, 2008

I know it isn't Wednesday, but your dog could die


Seriously, this is REALLY important. So here is another brief digression from our home business/home schooling riff.

I was browsing Blog Explosion earning credits and I came upon a blog called My Yorkie Puppies.

How can anyone resist a Yorkie puppie? I figured there would be some awesome pictures or something, but what I found was a very important article about how your dog can be poisoned by xylitol.

This was very upsetting to me as I have two Cockers who love to dig in the trash and will not hesitate to eat anything like a muffin or cake.

So PLEASE be careful when you give your pets human treats. Just a quarter cup of zylitol that a 60 lb. dog got from a cake in the trash killed him within 48 hours, even with medical care.

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