Sunday, September 07, 2008

Get Ready to Read!

Get Ready to Read is a great resource site from the National Center for Learning Disabilities. While a lot of it is geared towards institutional educators and day-care providers, there is a section for parents that has a lot of great tips that can be used by the beginning home schooling parent.

One of the best items there is an eight minute video entitled "Raising Readers" that actually demonstrates fun and easy activites you can use to get your children ready to read. There is also a screening tool that can be used online to test your child's reading readiness. Online games and 36 printable activity cards are full of additional ideas for parents, tutors, or anyone at all who is interested in helping children get ready to read.

This literacy checklist is one of several available at the site can help you discover whether your home is a place where reading is modeled as a desirable activity, and can give you concrete steps to take to improve the literacy quotient of your home.

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