Monday, September 01, 2008

Homeschooling Causes Measles!

Well, that is what the people who wrote this Courier-Post article want you to think.

Can you imagine? Implicating homeschooling because "The CDC's review found that a number of cases involved home-schooled children not required to have the vaccines."

Right. We are talking 131 cases in all, and it's all those pesky homeschoolers' fault.

I think the real problem is with New Jersey's draconian schedule of required vaccinations - 60 doses before the age of 6.

New Jersey already has the highest autism rate in the country, in part because there are some remarkable services here for the autism community, so more families fitting this profile are moving into the state. But there are still plenty of questions about whether there is a link between vaccines and autism.

Or, more specifically, whether there is a link between New Jersey's 60-doses-by-6 and our high autism rates.

What there are no questions about is that the ingredients of vaccines should not be put into the bodies of small children. If you check the package inserts of vaccines, which are written by the vaccine manufacturers, you will find aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, latex rubber and a variety of potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

These package inserts also warn of serious side affects, such as encephalitis, myelitis, seizure, Guillain-Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, even sudden death.

MS? Sudden death? How could those be better than measles, mumps, rubella, or chicken pox? I had all of those when I was young, and they conferred lifetime immunity. The vaccines do not confer lifetime immunity, which is why they have to have boosters every few years.

The medical establishment, and the big pharmaceutical companies that call a lot of the political shots in what is arguably the most corrupt state in the nation, will tell you there is no proof that vaccines cause autism. And why would they say otherwise? Autism is big money.

But for those parents whose child just happened to develop autism after a vaccine, no amount of explanations from the drug companies will convince them otherwise.

The New Jersey Public Health Council mandated two new shots for students entering sixth grade. Effective today, each New Jersey child entering sixth grade must have a meningitis vaccination and a DPT (diptheria/pertussis/tetanus) booster shot. They will not be permitted to attend school without proof of these two vaccinations. Children must also have proof of the hepatitus B vaccination, required for students entering sixth grade since 2001. The NJ Public Health Council has also now required hepatitis B vaccination for students in grades 9 through 12.

Parents do have the right to opt out of the new requirements based on religious convictions or medical necessity. In order to get a medical waiver, your child's doctor must certify in writing that the immunizations would harm your child. But don't be surprised if your doctor's explanation does not satisfy the vaccine nazis.

To obtain a religious waiver, you must certify in writing that the vaccination will "conflict with the pupil's exercise of bona fide religious tenets or practices." You cannot avoid the vaccinations based only on philosophical or moral grounds.

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  1. AMEN! Mumps, Measles, Chickenpox they are NOT the serious illnesses big pharma makes them out to be. My thought is big deal if it is homeschool kids spreading measles, if they are they are doing the kids who catch it a favor.