Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Making Math Fun with Dr. Mommy

No, not with Saxon, though there are people who swear by it. If your child loves workbooks or can work independently with answer keys, perhaps Saxon will work for you. Its method of building on material previously learned is excellent.

But "fun" would not be the first thing that comes to mind when describing Saxon. My kids hated it.

Today's Homeschool Hacks post contains great advice from Dr. Mommy of the fantastic Dr. Mommy's Homeschool Tips about Making Math Fun.

Where were you guys when I was slogging away at math worksheets 20 years ago?

Oh, right. There was no widely-accessible internet for me to find you. And no vast array of homeschool products and manipulatives to help me.

Happily, that was then and this is now. If you are interested in specific blueprints to follow in the teaching of specific subjects, Dr. Mommy is a great resource.

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