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Sandy Cove Homeschoolers Winter Recharge January 2-4, 2009

I don't even know what I can say about Sandy Cove. The facility is beautiful, the staff is efficient and friendly, the peace of God envelops you from the moment you drive onto the property. I have spent many, many happy hours by the Cheapeake Bay in North East, MD, over the last ten years - most of them at the Sandy Cove Homeschool Conference that marks the first week of their Summer Together programs.

Sandy Cove is not as "unplugged" as it was when we first started going there, but there are still no televisions in the rooms (there is a TV room on the first floor). There is a Business Center with five or six computers where you can access the internet, and there is also wireless internet access in the lobby and outside the main dining area and welcome center. There are all kinds of great recreational activities in the summer, and beautiful indoor and outdoor pools. There are plenty of things to do, or NOT do. You are also free to rest and do nothing at all but have fun with your family. It has been a fabulous place to set aside everything and get alone with God and get recharged after a long homeschooling year.

What we appreciate the most are the warm relationships we have developed over the last decade. Going there now is more like a family reunion than a conference. The worship is incredible, as families of every theological and denominational stripe set aside their differences and come together because we love Jesus Christ and our families and are committed to homeschooling. It has too often been the only vacation we took during the year, and it has been a highlight of our summer.

So we were really excited to hear that they Sandy Cove was offering a mini-conference right after New Year's - January 2 -4, 2009 - The Sandy Cove Homeschoolers Winter Recharge. If you are on the East Coast and could use a time of refreshment and renewal before starting up your homeschool in January, there will be workshops and age-integrated, family focused activities.

Sandy Cove's all-inclusive package includes 2 nights lodging, 5 meals (Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast), all activities, fun and sessions.

$145 per person with a maximum family rate of $580. Family Max Rate: If you have over four family members in your room or on your site, they are free. And kids ages 0-3 are free. But don't let finances keep you away. Sandy Cove has a number of scholarships in place and will fund you up to 50% depending on your need and the available donations.

Now is the time to plan ahead - the Homeschool Conference maxed out the facility this summer. There were rooms available, but the children's programs, main auditorium and dining room were bursting at the seams because of our 600+ kids, so they closed enrollment and went to a waiting list. It isn't likely that will happen this time because of the time of year, but you still should check it out now so you won't be disappointed.

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